Readers, Mediums, Intuitives and Oracles

Shirley, Dragon Lady – Spirit drawings; Card readings; energy healing

Meraki Connections, Jenny Edkin – 316-390-7062. Reiki healing, chakra centering and balancing, energy clearing, Therapeutic Lite Touch. Intuitive Spiritual readings through Tarot.

Indigo Moon, Hally Aarhus – 402-889-5923. Intuitive Crystal Card readings.

Tarot by Geoffrey – 785-430-6886; Tarot & Intuitive readings. I do parties, events, corporate and private, and online consultations. My goal is to help you understand the world around you, be more self-aware and open to your inner voice.

Dino Athan – 913-491-4989;; Angel Activations, channeled readings, Demon and ghost removal; channeled music for balancing chakras.

Linda Kehres, Akashic Record Readings – 785-640-0535. The Akashic records are the vibrational record of the soul and it’s journey. The reading provides insight and clarity to help manage the flow of life. Information received helps individuals understand circumstances entering their plane of consciousness, empowering them to make decisions for their highest good. We will journey into the heart of the records to discover what masters, teachers, and loved ones have to share. Come enjoy the exploration of your soul.

Renee Johanna, Author and Life Coach – 623-236-5986; Intuitive Coaching and Author Specializing in Life and Death Transformations. Author of Welcome to Awakening.

Oma Lacey – 785-357-1730 or 785-260-4975. Psychic specializing in Tarot, Channeling, Mediumship, Past Life Regression, Classes, Guided Imagery, and Psychic Parties. I was born in 1940 in Minneapolis, KS. My psychic growth began at the age of 35. I always had the knowledge but was afraid to use it. Over the years, I have learned to trust myself and my guides. I know what I do is safe, correct, and loving.

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