Our community group, Spark of Life Community, Inc. strives to shed light on misconceptions based on social stigmas and to raise awareness of all walks of life through education, acceptance, and compassion – “reaching minds & hearts for the highest good of all”. The Board of Directors created the Spark of Life Community as they feel a strong desire to bridge the gaps between cultures, races, genders, religions, communication, and personal practices – to help relieve the unnecessary suffering caused by gaps in human understanding.

Currently, Spark of Life Community, Inc. has workshops and events in place to help people understand self-healing and the importance of taking care of one’s self, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Taking care of one’s self will in turn promote a stronger understanding of others and assist in growing a cohesive community. The Spark of Life Fair, among our other, varied offerings helps us to reach a wider audience to introduce these concepts and encourage personal growth in our immediate community, while supporting local healers and business owners. All of the Spark of Life Community ventures, including the Fair, are open to all walks of life and were created to encourage local holistic healers and people of alternative pathways to meet each other and work together in a safe place.

Your donation will help support an inspired community to find their niche in this life, to live more fully and become wholly engaged in understanding the people and world around us.

Thank you so much for your consideration in donating to our cause! We truly appreciate your time, care, and assistance!


Every little bit helps to support our growing community and to help provide better opportunities for those around us! Thank you so much for your love and assistance!




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