Meet the Coordinators for the Spark of Life Fair!

Mike joined us in 2016 as a co-coordinator! He comes from a musical background as a professional drummer, and dedicated many years to working with the blind as a Rehabilitation Teacher. He enjoys working with people of all interests, and learning something new every day!

Mandy enjoys facilitating learning opportunities whenever possible. Her dream is to create a space where people of all walks of life can come together and learn from each other in an open, peaceful environment.

Currently, she practices Reiki healing and teaches Reiki certification classes in the Junction City / Manhattan area.

She also facilitates the FlintHills Holistic Healer’s Network, a group that meets every few months in the Manhattan area to share ideas and spread the knowledge of holistic living. This group is open to all! Check us out on Facebook—FlintHills Holistic Healer Network. 

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have assisted in making this a fantastic Fair, and thank you all for joining us!! We hope to see you again soon! 

The Spark of Life Fair coordinators do not necessarily promote the services, products, or information you may receive while visiting our fair. The services and products available through the Spark of Life Fair are offered through independent businesses and private spiritual consultants – please contact them directly to schedule appointments or if you have any questions.

The Spark of Life Metaphysical fair is an extension of the Divine Essence Spiritual Center, which is a community group dedicated to serving the alternative spiritual and holistic communities by raising awareness of the many walks of life, as well as providing holistic healing services. We are carrying on our mission with the Fair, by bringing together artists, healers, and alternative practitioners twice a year! To see more upcoming events and to receive updates on the Fair and / or the Spiritual Center, please bookmark our Websites at:

sol-fair.com or Facebook.com/SparkOfLifeFair

descenter.webs.com or Facebook.com/DivineEssenceSpiritualCenter

You may also like our Women’s Spirituality online group at Facebook.com/DragonflyTemple!

New pages / groups will be coming soon!

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