Meet the Coordinators for the Spark of Life Fair!

Mike became a Fair coordinator in 2016 and is now the Marketing Director for Spark of Life Community, Inc.! He comes from a musical background as a professional drummer and dedicated many years to working with the blind as a Rehabilitation Teacher. He enjoys working with people of all interests and learning something new every day! Mike brings his love of music to his work as facilitator for the Spark of Life Drum Circle! Call or text: 785-625-4551

Justin joined us in 2017 as a Coordinator for the Divine Essence Spiritual Center and is now the Events Director for Spark of Life Community, Inc.! “When unexpected life changes greeted me in March of 2017, I began to look for ways to gain some sense of grounding, centering, strength, and empowerment. I began meditation and buying crystals, and suddenly found myself falling deep into this Metaphysical realm. I stumbled upon the DESC and it allowed me an opportunity to discover, learn, grow, and become one with myself. I love crystals, colors, full moon meditations, and I’ve been told I bring a unique perspective. My goal in joining DESC is to use my personal experiences to walk alongside others on their own paths, while making available a variety of different programs and opportunities that allow growth and empowerment for anyone who chooses to explore.” Email sparkoflife_community@yahoo.com

Mandy has worked with the local Spiritual and Metaphysical communities in different capacities for several years and is now the Administrative Director for Spark of Life Community, Inc.! Her dream is to create a space where people of all walks of life can come together to learn from each other in an open peaceful environment. She enjoys facilitating various learning opportunities and learning along with others! Currently, she offers her services as a Reiki Master and facilitates the Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle, as well as providing spiritual support and organization to the community! Text 785-223-2383 or Email sparkoflife_community@yahoo.com.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have assisted in making this a fantastic Fair and thank you all for joining us!! We hope to see you again soon! 

The Spark of Life Fair coordinators do not necessarily promote the services, products, or information you may receive while visiting our fair. The services and products available through the Spark of Life Fair are offered through independent businesses and private spiritual consultants – please contact them directly to schedule appointments or if you have any questions.

~About Us~

The Spark of Life Community, Inc. is a group dedicated to serving the local alternative, spiritual, and holistic communities – raising awareness of the many walks of life as well as providing holistic healing services!  We’re very excited for the future, and hope you’ll join us in our adventures! Follow us on Facebook and/or bookmark this site for future updates!

We are a group of individuals dedicated to assisting people in enjoying fuller, healthier lives. Our goal is to shed light on misconceptions based on social stigmas and to raise awareness of all walks of life through education, acceptance, and compassion. We are bringing together the community through various avenues to promote cohesion and understanding of each other, as well as providing information for services that may assist in the growth and well-being of each individual. Spark of Life Community, Inc. strives to maintain a well-organized and dynamic organization to generate an atmosphere that encourages people of all traditions to coexist peacefully.

The Spark of Life Community, as well as the Fair, seeks to promote personal growth, shifting perspectives and enhancing compassion while building communities of understanding and tolerance.

To see more upcoming events and to receive updates on the the Spiritual Center, please bookmark our Websites at:



You may also like our Women’s Spirituality online group at Facebook.com/DragonflyTemple!

New pages / groups will be coming soon!

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